2024 Election- Robert Roof

Robert Roof

Affiliate Broker, REALTOR®
Candidate for President-Elect

Affiliated with Crye-Leike, REALTORS®

In the past 3 years, what have you done to improve your skills as a real estate professional:

Over the past three years, I have undertaken a multifaceted approach to enhance my skills as a real estate professional. Firstly, I have been committed to continuous learning by completing over 90 hours of professional development courses. This dedication has allowed me to stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices, ensuring that my knowledge remains current and relevant.

Moreover, I have earned designations as an Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR) and a Graduate, Realtor Institute (GRI). These designations signify my expertise in working with buyers and my knowledge of real estate, respectively, further bolstering my credentials in the field.

In addition to personal development, I have actively contributed to my profession by serving on multiple committees, ranging from Professional Development to Governmental Affairs. This involvement not only keeps me engaged with industry matters but also allows me to make a positive impact on the real estate community.

Furthermore, I serve as a mentor within my real estate team, providing guidance and coaching to newly licensed agents. Sharing my knowledge and experience with them has not only helped them conduct real estate transactions more effectively but has also fostered a culture of excellence and exceptional client service within the team.

Lastly, I have had the privilege of sharing my insights and expertise as a panel member during our brokerage’s annual meeting. These discussions have covered a wide range of topics, including the real estate profession, team cohesiveness, effective marketing strategies, and community service. By participating in this panel, I’ve been able to contribute to the growth and success of my brokerage while further refining my own skills as a real estate professional.

My commitment to ongoing education, the attainment of relevant designations, active committee participation, mentoring, and public speaking engagements have collectively played a pivotal role in improving my skills and expertise as a real estate professional over the past three years.

What is your history of service to this association and its members?

“I have been actively involved in several initiatives aimed at enhancing my professional skills and making valuable contributions to the real estate profession. Currently, I am serving on the Association Board of Directors has exemplified my dedication to the industry. Additionally, I graduated from the 2020-2021 CAR Leadership Academy, gaining valuable insights into effective leadership. 

My continued involvement in the 2022-2023 Leadership Academy Committee and the 2021-2022 Professional Development Committee has allowed me to stay connected and contribute to the growth of my peers. As the chair of the Professional Development Committee, I have taken a leading role in actively fostering professional development within our community. Simultaneously, working alongside with fellow members in developing the upcoming Certified Local Expert program, emphasizing the necessity for Realtors to acquire in-depth knowledge about our local community and government offices. My experience and active participation in the Leadership Clarksville Class of 2023 has further reinforced my commitment to enhancing our local expertise among real estate professionals, as I actively engaged with various community leaders and organizations.

My commitment to staying informed about industry regulations is evident through my membership on the Government Affairs Committee from 2020 to 2023. I’ve also contributed to strategic planning, upheld ethical standards through the State Professional Standards Committee in 2021-2022, facilitated fair elections through the Election Task Force in 2022, and improved educational resources through the continued involvement of the Education Task Force in 2022 and 2023. 

Finally, my involvement in the Leadership Academy Programming Sub Committee in 2023 demonstrates my commitment to shaping the future of real estate education. These experiences collectively reflect my ongoing efforts to improve as a real estate professional and contribute to the industry’s growth and excellence.” 

Why are you seeking the seat that you are?

“I am seeking the seat as President of the association because my focus is on our collective success. I am deeply committed to nurturing agent growth and learning, building strong connections with our local representatives, elevating agent professionalism and enhancing our public image, all while fostering transparent communication with our valued members. This endeavor isn’t about me as an individual; it’s about the well-being and success of the entire association, and I am fully committed to working diligently to ensure our collective prosperity.”

What do you feel are your strongest attributes that you will bring to this position if elected?

My primary strength lies in my leadership abilities, which I’ve developed over two decades of military service. Through my military career, I had the opportunity to continually practice and refine my leadership style as I served in mentorship and supervisory roles among my colleagues. This commitment to leadership extends beyond my military experience, as I’ve actively engaged in community participation and collaboration, including my involvement in various boards in Clarksville/Montgomery County.

My ability to comprehend complex systems and processes will be instrumental in facilitating growth and effectiveness within the association.I emphasize informed decision-making by actively listening to all sides, taking time to gather perspectives before drawing conclusions, and proactively educating myself on unfamiliar subjects. I excel in problem-solving and communication, and I hold a firm belief that every member plays a vital role within our association, requiring their support in all our endeavors. 

Finally, I recognize the importance of real estate professionals as community leaders and representatives, with a keen understanding of their role in staying attuned to local developments and needs.