2024 Election-Sheena Dixon

Sheena Dixon
Affiliate Broker, REALTOR®
Candidate for Director

Affiliated with Haus Realty

In the past 3 years, what have you done to improve your skills as a real estate professional:

In the past three years I’ve improved myself as a real estate professional by attending classes to further my education and to also learn more about myself as a REALTOR® and a better person in general. I have always been an open book and learned to educate both clients and other agents in the process of closing a transaction. I have also improved my networking and public speaking skills over the years.”

What is your history of service to this association and its members?

I am the current chair of the YPN Committee and have served as a member for six years. My most favorite thing about YPN is being on subcommittees to put on events like Bowling for RPAC, and YPNUs but I love being a part of the Mike Groves Memorial Scholarship Committee. As a graduate from CMCSS, I love being able to be a part of the cause to give back to the community that did so much for me. Aside from YPN, I have also served on the Membership Engagement, Diversity committee, and the Affordable Housing Task Force. I also try my best to advocate for any events held at CAR and consistently invite other agents and affiliates that typically are not as involved.”

Why are you seeking the seat that you are?

I have decided to run for Board of Director for a few reasons but mainly because I want to be part of the future of CAR. There are a lot of great things about this association but there’s always room for fresh new ideas. I would help new agents be more involved in our association, but also help be a part of a bridge for more connections in the community. Realtors and affiliates have so much knowledge about our market and it would be amazing to collaborate to make Clarksville truly one of the best places to live. I would also like for our affiliates to have more opportunities to be more involved and bring back the Affiliate Council. Our affiliates do a lot for our association and I would love for them to have a louder voice.”

What do you feel are your strongest attributes that you will bring to this position if elected?

I love to help people and empower our next leaders.  I think most agents have leadership skills but are just looking for either an opportunity or support within our association to bring these skills out. I also like to educate or share knowledge to anyone who asks, or looks like they may need it. I am also very community driven and have done a lot outside of the association. I believe that I can help bridge that gap between CAR and people in the community. I am a past president of the Sunset Rotary Club, mentor with Habitat for Humanity, member with Clarksville Networking Group, graduate of Leadership Clarksville, board member of Artlink, and a few more. I see the need within Clarksville and see the opportunity for the association to be involved.”