Governmental Affairs

Governmental Affairs Committee

The purpose of this committee is to educate the membership on the importance of political awareness; to keep the membership informed on legislative bills and actions that relate to our industry; to refer information to the Board of Directors when action is necessary and to perform such other duties as may be requested by the Board of Directors; to encourage active involvement of REALTORS® in all phases of political activities and recommend to the membership for election those area candidates who support the free enterprise systems, private property rights, and other positions of the Clarksville Association of REALTORS®.  Responsible for programs determining voter registration among the Association members while establishing a means of conducting programs for said registration. To be aware of issues and candidates’ attitudes towards issues affecting individual property owners and the free enterprise system; to communicate their concerns and candidate choices to the state REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC).

Chair: Valerie Dirks
Vice Chair: Kenneth Wotring
Amaya  Simmons
Becky Wright
Bethany Sigler
Bruce Dawson
David ‘Trey’  Pruitt
Elizabeth Meyer
Fairlen  Browning
Lakeisha  Killebrew
Larry Evans
Latoya Armour
Mercy Neysmith
Michelle Mathews
Misty Kinney
Monica  Trigueros
Robert Roof
Rosemary Calcese
Shannon Heim
Shelby Hansard
Teale Rogers
Tom Bosecker
Valerie  Dirks
Board Liaison: Cindy Greene
Staff Liaison: Jennifer Harper