Helping Hands

Helping Hands Committee

The purpose of this committee is to act as the fundraising and execution arm of the Spreading Our Support Foundation in planning and holding fundraisers and other community outreach events.  Helping hands will showcase opportunities to volunteer within the community and encourage our members to participate.

Chair: Sandra Hester
Vice Chair: Alicia Hosenfeld
Amaya  Simmons
Anastasia Williams
Aubre Rios
Bianca Barry
Bri Baird
Dee Miller
Diamonique Waters
Elizabeth Meyer
Evelyn Grise
Fairlen Browning
Harley Rose
Heather  Campbell
Jennifer Smith
Jerry Turner
Julia Claffey
Kathy Knobel
Laretha Batey
Laura Reed
Lindsay Elliott
Lisa Capps
Lizette  Green-Medina
Melanie Smith
Michelle  Mahaffey
Monica  Trigueros
Nancy Selesele
Rachael Fierro
Rita Batey
Shakirah Carpenter
Stephanie Coleman
Sydney Burke
Teale Rogers
Teresa Hite
Terina Garrison
Terrence Askew
Tiffany Penfield
Valerie  Dirks
Board Liaison: Alicia Taylor
Staff Liaison: Jennifer Harper