Community Housing Fair

Community Housing Fair


9:00 | Welcome & Open Remarks

Lisa Boyd, President

Robert Garcia, Chair

9:10 | What’s Happening in Clarksville’s Real Estate & Rental Markets

Joann Garcia

9:30 | Mortgage Loan Basics

Bri Vandlen, Honor Home Loans

9:50 | Credit Repair

Devin Norcross, Norcross Credit Repair

10:10 | Equity in the Housing Market

Michelle Lowe, Clarksville Diversity and Inclusion Officer 

10:30 | Tax Relief Program

Kim Wiggins, Montgomery County Trustee  

10:50 | Housing Education

Valerie Guzman, Clarksville United Way, CEO  

11:10 | Ownership Resources for Low Income Residents

Rob Selkow, Habitat for Humanity, Director  

11:30 | Property Value

Erinne Hester, Clarksville Assessor of Property  

11:50 | Section 8 Housing

Zelinka Randle, PMP, CAP  

12:10 | Housing Stability

Darrell Roberts, Director, THDA  

12:30 | Property Appraiser

Lori Dennis, Appraiser  

12:50 | What you need to know about Lead Base Paint

Michelle Klein, Community & Neighborhood Services  

1:10 | How Clarksville is Developing

Sarah Cook, Long Range Planner, RPC  

1:30 | Down Payment Assistance

Christian Black, Spreading Our Support Foundation President

1:50 | Closing Remarks

Patricia Shipley, DEI Vice-Chair   

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2023 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Ally

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