Member Engagement

Member Engagement Committee

The Member Engagement committee will work to ensure that all members, regardless of tenure or specialty, are given programs and opportunities for participation that deepen their pride in the REALTOR® brand and deepen their commitment to membership.

Chair: Alicia Hosenfeld
Vice Chair: Marie Lavoise
Board Liaison: Monica Trigueros
Member: Ali  Strader
Member: Alicia Hosenfeld
Member: Ashley Funke
Member: Aubre Rios
Member: Elizabeth Meyer
Member: Jennifer Mead
Member: Karol Hart
Member: Kelly Foote
Member: Lindsay Elliott
Member: Laurie Reed
Member: Marcalee Baxter
Member: Matt Dyce
Member: Skylar Campbell
Member: Teale Rogers
Member: Tiffany Penfield
Staff Liaison: Teri Pfeffer