Professional Development

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee shall promote awareness of a solid education background needed for real estate sales, as well as encouraging Association members to adopt in letter and in spirit the Code of Equal Opportunity in Housing and Employment adopted by the National Association of REALTORS®.

Chair: Stella Ann
Vice Chair: Marion Jewell
Board Liaison: Lamar Clift
Member: Allan Ortiz
Member: Ana Maria Chiafalo
Member: Becky Wright
Member: Bonita Vickrey
Member: Brice  Lewis
Member: Brittany Brown
Member: Bruce Dawson
Member: Camille Jones
Member: Deanay Cox
Member: Greg Speed
Member: Jacqueline  Beita
Member: Jennifer Mead
Member: Jennifer Smith
Member: Jimmy Mosby
Member: Kara Bond
Member: Karol Hart
Member: Leisa Hendrix-Whooley
Member: Leslie  Sullivan
Member: Lizette  Green-Medina
Member: Marie LaVoise
Member: Marisol Peralta
Member: Meagan Miller
Member: Melanie Smith
Member: Melissa Arrington
Member: Michelle Mathews
Member: Patricia Shipley
Member: Raven  Morrison
Member: Robert Garcia
Member: Rosemary Calcese
Member: Rylan Kean
Member: Sandra Hester
Member: Sheena Dixon
Member: Shelby  Hansard
Member: Skylar Campbell
Member: Stacy Williams
Member: Tanya Johnson
Member: Terra Morris
Member: Tom Bosecker
Member: Veronica Grant
Member: Yolanda Armour
Staff Liaison: Carmen Douglas