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Marie LaVoise


Debbie Reynolds

Governmental Affairs

Dee Wagstaff Willliams

Young Professionals Network

Caitlin Grisier


Jenna Roberts

Leadership Academy

Valerie Dirks

Helping Hands

Sandra Hester

Budget & Finance

Larry Evans

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Chris Peeples


Kayla Pierson


Joann Garcia

Professional Standards

Jennifer Warrick

REALTOR® Emeritus Members

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James G. Holleman, Jr.

Member Since 1959
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Frank G. Goodlett

Member Since 1959
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Doris E. Napiwoski

Member Since 1974
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Relda Ann Adkins

Member Since 1974
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Ann C. Marshbanks

Member Since 1975
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John M. Arrington

Member Since 1976
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William Lawson Mabry

Member Since 1977

Young Professionals Network

REALTOR® Magazine launched the Young Professionals Network (YPN) in 2006 as a way to help the newer generation of REALTORS® build a stronger link with the magazine and the real estate industry. Through networking events, a lively blog, and an engaged YPN Advisory Subcommittee, the program gives its members the tools they need to advance their careers — and have fun in the process.

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